What we do?

St. John Ambulance of Malaysia (SJAM) runs the ambulance services, event health services, first aid training and community services across the country.

  • Over 60,000 SJAM volunteers nationwide serving 3.6 million man-hours annually in the service of mankind. These volunteer Officers and members are found at various sporting events, festivals, parades and other functions - big or small. They also assist in disasters like floods, fires, landslides, plane crashes, etc.

  • SJAM has local 24-hour emergency as well as non-emergency ambulance services. Annually during Hari Raya Puasa and Chinese New Year, SJAM volunteers are also on standby along the North-South Highway and the federal trunk roads.

  • Uniformed members participate in Training Camps, Competitions, Conferences, Officers' and N.C.O.'s Training Courses, Seminars, Workshops and various skills training to enable them to stay at the peak of their efficiency.

  • Cadets and Juniors, who are the youth members of the movement are trained in leadership as well as in various skills through the Cadet Proficiency Badge Scheme in order to mould them to become good and useful citizens ready to play their part in nation building.

  • 64,000
  • Man-hour of Voluntary Services rendered
  • 135
  • Ambulances
  • 18
  • Dialysis Centres

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