Community Services

First Aid Awareness Programmes

SJAM establishments around the country organise Community First Aid Awareness programmes, CPR for Kids and Mother at residential areas, schools, local community group and for other NGO bodies to spread the knowledge of first aid.

Disaster Relief Efforts

SJAM plays an active role in providing services for the public. SJAM was mobilised during the Kelantan floods assisting Royal Malaysian Air Force to send relief supplies.

MBO Blood Donation Drive

Since 2014, St. John Ambulance of Malaysia, in collaboration with MBO Cinemas and various sponsors, has organized Blood Donation drive. Pints blood collected are as follows:

2014 – 1,065 pints
2015 – 4,053 pints
2016 – 4,682 pints
2017 – 5,907 pints
2018 – 6,941 pints