As a voluntary organisation, since its establishment, SJAM has depended solely on the generosity of the public, government grants and corporate sponsorships for its activities and operations. Flag Days are among the fund raising activities in which SJAM appeals to the public for funds to sustain its activities and services to the community.

Flag Days and House-to-house Collection

The early St. John Flag Days in Malaya were organised by respective states. The first Flag Day can be traced back to 23 June 1951. The first national Flag Day was held from 15 August to 15 September 1960. In conjunction with St. John Day which falls on 24 June, Flag Day events are always held between the third week of June and the third week of July for a period of one month. During the month, members and officers are mobilised into groups in their uniforms and St. John T-shirts to appeal for donations from house to house, at shopping complexes and other public places. Members are entrusted with donation tins and those who donate get a small flag or a sticker.

Flag Day FAQ

1. What is Flag Day?

The St. John Flag Day is annual activity held to appeal donations from the public. It is also held in countries which St. John operates.

2. Is the activity covered from legal aspects?

Yes, St. John Ambulance of Malaysia applies for collection permits from Royal Malaysian Police which allow us to carry out collections under the provision of House to House Collection Ordinance 1947. The collection permit is issued based on year-to-year basis based on evaluation of audited accounts submitted by SJAM after the collection.

3. Where do we use the collection?

The collection is used to fund our voluntary service, youth events and day-to-day operations at the Division, Area, State and National level. Area and State Headquarters have to submit their accounts audited by chartered accountants after the collection period. The expenses incurred during the collection cannot be more than 1/12 of the total collection amount in compliance to the provision stated under the ordinance.

Other Fund Raising Activities

Besides Flag Days, St. John Ambulance at various levels organise fund raising events for specific purposes. Large scale fund raising events such as National Walkathons in 1988 and 1995 were initiated by the National Headquarters. Lottery draws were common in 1970s and 80s. States, Areas and Divisions also organise their own fund raising events such as movie premieres, charity dinners, jogathons, food fairs, sales of recyclable items, garage sales, concerts and fashion shows.