People Development

Officers’ Training Courses

All SJAM officers are required to attend and pass the Officers’ Training Course before they are issued Warrants of Appointment by the National Headquarters. At an Officers’ Training Course, participants attend lectures and training classes conducted by senior officers from National Headquarters and invited lecturers from other organisations.

The curriculum of the Officers’ Training Course is divided into four parts: regulations, foot drill, public speaking and general administration. In the knowledge of regulations, participants are taught organisation, membership, officers’ appointments, dress regulations and cadet regulations. Participants sit for a written test based on these modules at the end of the course. During the course, participants are also required to present a topic in public speaking.

National Convention

National Conventions (previously known as National Officers’ Conferences) have been a platform for members and officers to brainstorm solutions and share experiences.

The focus of these conference sessions changes according to the current needs of the organisation such as highway duty, first aid training, ambulance services and haemodialysis services.

Training the Trainer Course