SJAM COVID19 Initiatives – Video Series

Medical escort for home-bound expecting mothers from Singapore #SJAMinitiative
#OpsJahitPPE at SJAM Negeri Sembilan
Fighting COVID19 with 3S
Tips pemakanan – suku-suku-separuh #MalaysiaCergas
#OpsMASCOV SJAM COVID19 Initiative
Tips kesihatan oleh Keith Foo #MalaysiaCergas
SJAM COVID19 Initiatives
Precaution measures at blood donation activities during MCO period
Should I proceed with my child’s vaccination? (by Chong Hui Hui) #MalaysiaCergas
Tips kereta semasa Perintah Kawalan Pergerakan (oleh Lim Wai Kit) #MalaysiaCergas
Message from Pandelela Rinong, Ambassador for St. John Ambulance of Malaysia #SJAMinitiative
Understanding law to protect yourself during MCO (by Chan Quin Er) #MalaysiaCergas
How to protect your children from getting sick (by Chong Hui Hui) #MalaysiaCergas
Good posture when using a computer 20-20-20-2 (by Chris Leong) #MalaysiaCergas


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